A question of style

Cabinet style

There are five types of cabinet configurations to choose from, each with its own distinctive look.

Construction types

Cabico offers you different types of cabinet doors: 1-piece, slab and 5-piece.

1-piece and slab doors

1-piece and slab doors

1-piece and slab doors

1-piece and slab doors are made using a single flat piece of wood (high pressure laminate, melamine, solid or veneered wood), which can be finished in a variety of ways—from stain to high-gloss color. 1-piece and slab doors are mainly used in contemporary designs.

Miter doors

Miter doors

				Mortise & tenon doors

Mortise & tenon doors

5-piece doors

5-piece doors are made of a 4-piece solid wood with a center panel which can be recessed, raised, or reverse-raised. There are two types of 5-piece door assemblies:

  • Miter doors, where the frames are precisely cut at a 45-degree angle;
  • Mortise & tenon doors, cut and assembled at a 90-degree angle.

Depending on the desired outcome, 5-piece doors can be made to look more or less ornate with optional woodwork, applied moldings, and any number of finishes and finishing techniques.

Cabico also offers certain variations, including mullion doors with glass panels and glass doors with aluminum frames.

Wood species

Cabico’s artisan cabinetmakers know wood as only true professionals can. With their eye for consistent color, grain and other features, they only select the finest furniture-grade wood from the most reputable local and North American suppliers.

With so many species to choose from, Cabico gives you free reign to express yourself. Our product offerings run the gamut from trendsetting new materials like bamboo to traditional classics, reflecting the tastes and preferences of consumers from coast to coast.

Other materials

Along with solid wood, Cabico also offers a selection of premium quality manufactured materials that add value and variety to our product lines:

  • Engineered wood
  • Thermofoil
  • HP laminates
  • MDF
  • Melamine
  • Polyester
  • Aluminum
  • And more