Cabico Profile: Teri Brownson, cabinetmaker

“I’m proud to put my name on it.”

– Teri Brownson, cabinetmaker

Teri, how long have you been part of the Cabico team?
It’s been five years since I joined the Special Projects team here in St. Catharines.

What is the Special Projects team?
As a full custom cabinet shop, we see a wide gamut of different and highly custom cabinets come through. Sometimes it takes a team of people with extra knowledge and experience to make the most elaborate projects happen. That’s where we come in! It’s certainly exciting, as we’re always working on something unique that we’re proud to put our name on.

What is the most satisfying thing about your work?
I always keep in mind that I’m creating a unique piece destined for the home of someone who is just as unique. It’s the exclusive aspect of the work that’s the most satisfying part for me. It really drives us to give our very best.

How do you approach your work as an artisan cabinetmaker?
I see it as a team effort in collaboration with the designers. As artisans, we’re like an extension of the design team. They put their talent to work to create something unique, then we step in to bring it to life. For me, the only difference is the source of the creative inspiration. Designers create on the basis of the client’s personality and needs. We create by using our skills and know-how to express their ideas in concrete form.

You seem to be fascinated by wood!
I’m just crazy about wood. For me, it’s the most noble material of all—and it’s alive! You have to learn its secrets, respect its structure, understand its grain and character, and even anticipate the way it will change over time. With experience, we learn to bring out the best it has to offer. It becomes our number one creative ally, especially when we work with top suppliers of domestic and exotic woods, like for Cabico’s Elmwood series.

What does premium quality mean to you?
It’s when—and only when—I’m ready to put my name on the final product! For me, an artisan’s experienced eye and touch is the ultimate form of quality control. We’re absolutely passionate about the work we do, and we feel honored to help create such well-crafted pieces. Premium quality is all about being proud of our work—proud of a job done well, right down to the smallest detail. And that’s exactly what our customers get with the Elmwood series.