Cabico Profile: Patrice Bonsant, frame shop worker

“Everything the artisan does is a sign of respect for the project.”

– Patrice Bonsant, frame shop worker

Patrice, when did you get your start at Cabico?
It’s been almost twenty years since I joined the Cabico team. And I’m now in my tenth year in the Special Projects department.

And what exactly is your role?
High-end cabinet making often involves components with special shapes and sizes, complex assembly, or combinations of materials. I myself specialize in the hand assembly and finishing of fine small parts.

As a craftsman, how do you tackle the creative challenges you face every day?
It’s all about respect! First, respect for the dealer and designer. They marshal all of their creativity to conceive the project, so we owe it to them to do everything we can to respect their vision. Secondly, respect for the material, and its potential and limitations. Wood is a living material, and it takes special know-how to bring out everything it has to offer. And last but not least, respect for our work as artisans. Each perfectly sanded and assembled component I can take credit for is a source of pride and joy. I’m convinced that this pride in a job well done is the best form of quality control there is.

Do you think the artisan’s craft is important?
Absolutely. For an artisan, satisfaction comes from giving your best to craft a unique object that reflects your skills and personality. Project after project, that’s the Cabico recipe for success. We may use the very latest technologies and produce a whole lot of cabinets, but individual craftsmanship is still at the core of everything we do. It’s an approach that Cabico has maintained down through the years—and it’s something I’m very proud of.

The human touch is central to the Cabico approach. How does that come through in your everyday work?
From my perspective, the human touch simply means making sure that I draw on the full range of my talents and woodworking experience in every task I perform. That’s how we show our respect for the project and project quality. In fact, the designer and the artisan are intimately connected: one creates, the other crafts—and together we produce something truly unique. Without the commitment and passion each partner brings to the table, we couldn’t do what we do for our customers. It’s exciting to be part of this process every day.