There’s a human touch in everything we do

A benchmark brand for more than 35 years

We are one of the leading custom cabinetry brands in North America.

Through our Unique and Essence Series, our team of artisans and specialists works with leading designers and dealers across North America to bring your high-end projects to life.

We put a human touch in everything we do, from operations to the unparalleled customer experience we provide. Our unique approach harnesses the latest technology while preserving the precision and agility of artisanal craftsmanship. For more than 35 years, our recognized expertise has made Cabico a benchmark brand in the industry.


A vision that sets us apart

When you choose Cabico, you’re choosing an artisanal approach rooted in core values that ensure your project is both totally unique and exceptionally well built.

Freedom to create

We believe human creativity should know no bounds.

That custom cabinet design should be a pure reflection of the personality and lifestyle of the user, unlimited by manufacturing constraints. That’s why we work so hard to maintain the production flexibility underpinning our brand promise—and the total design freedom our creative partners crave.

Without that freedom, the projects we deliver, no matter how perfectly executed, wouldn’t have quite the same soul.


Pride in everything we do

We are craftspeople at heart.

Pride in a job well done is our number one criterion for ensuring superior quality with every project we deliver. Cabico’s unique blend of state-of-the-art technologies and lovingly preserved traditional methods showcase the know-how and skills of our specialized artisans. It’s this human touch that defines us and instills our work with that distinctive Cabico look and feel.

As artisans, we take great pride in knowing that each project coming to life in our hands is unique for its design and quality. For us, true custom cabinetry is all about the human touch.