New inspiring finishes to unleash your creativity

Striking Nuances

Spectacular stains. Endless possibilities. Cabico’s refreshing new stains bring a new level of refinement to your designs. These thirteen different nuances will beautifully complete the palettes of our Unique and Essence Series. They offer you endless possibilities to create unique projects.

We know how important it is for you to have a nuanced palette to create just the right effects in your projects. With this in mind, we asked our in-house designer, Cindy Raymond, to create an inspirational mood board for each of her three favorite new finishes. Marco Robert, Director of Sales Operations at Cabico, discusses the challenges of creating and producing high-quality wiping and spray stains.

Canyon on Cherry

Cindy’s #1 favorite

Moodboard Canyon Cherry
Cindy RaymondCabico designer

I love how the new Canyon finish on Cherry creates a comforting fall feel. The wiping stain technique gives depth and a sense of richness to the wood grain. The grain shines through, all while preserving uniformity. I quickly got the idea to combine the Canyon finish with a warm Nordic decor. With raw materials in natural tones and gold-tinted hardware, the Canyon finish creates both contrasts and harmony between the colors.


Discover nine new wiping and spray stains that reveal the true character and enhance the richness of natural wood. These stains can be applied to several wood species for projects with unrivalled finesse.

Our subtle greys

Topaz Hickory
Topaz on Hickory
Cliffside Rustic Alder
Cliffside on Rustic Alder
Suede White Oak
Suede on White Oak

Our warm browns

Sienna White Oak
Sienna on White Oak
Canyon Cherry
Canyon on Cherry
Almond White Oak
Almond on White Oak
Brownstone Red Oak
Brownstone on Red Oak
Carob Black Walnut
Carob on Black Walnut

Our deep black

Raven Maple
Raven on Maple

Sienna on White Oak

Cindy’s #2 favorite

Moodboard Sienna White Oak

The pale, natural color of the Sienna wiping stain naturally led me to create a world of contrasts to create bold looks. The vibrant and saturated colors of the 70s were my first inspiration. But the relatively neutral character of the Sienna finish, which can be applied to a variety of wood species, can also be the star of any Scandinavian decor.

Cindy Raymond, Cabico designer


essence series

Explore four new spray stains that unveil each wood species’ natural and rich character. In addition, new darker shades offer unprecedented versatility with different color combinations.

Indonesia Red Oak
Indonesia on Red Oak
Italiano Red Oak
Italiano on Red Oak
Tanzania Red Oak
Tanzania on Red Oak
Kona Red Oak
Kona on Red Oak
Background picture of Marco

New spray and wiping stains

The true work of an artist

The development of translucent finishes requires unique expertise. While the wood species has little impact on opaque finishes, the opposite is true for translucent finishes. Marco Robert, Director of Sales Operations at Cabico, is well aware of the challenges that lead to finishes that are as inspiring as they are sustainable.

The plant as a laboratory

“Consistency in appearance and quality is essential! Especially in high-volume productions. That’s why our factory is our only laboratory for this type of product,” he explained. For example, the selection of the 13 new finishes in the Unique and Essence Series is the result of an impressive number of in-plant rendering tests.

“Development is a long process of trial and error where everything is taken into account. The finishing touch, reaction to light, and general effect created on the different species, etc. All our know-how is put to work before selecting the most appealing finishes and their most creative combinations with wood species.”


About wiping stains

“These are ideal on softwood species, such as Cherry, Red Birch, and Rustic Alder or species with very pronounced grains, including White Oak, Red Oak, Hickory and Black Walnut. We use an artisanal technique to reveal all their aesthetic potential. Sanding by hand is as crucial as the stains themselves. The pigment-rich stain is then applied liberally so that the wood absorbs it thoroughly. A craftsperson wipes off the excess stain to let the wood naturally reveal its character.”



elmwood door

About spray stains

“It takes much skill from our craftspeople,” said Marco Robert. “Hand spraying is a mix of precision and artistry, as the application must ensure thin layers of finish. There is very little room for error to achieve a uniform and strikingly rich result.”

In addition to all these techniques, a clear sealer and an anti-yellowing varnish literally seal the finish and provide the final product with all the durability it needs.

Italiano on Red Oak

Cindy’s #3 favorite

Moodboard Italiano Red Oak

The Essence Series’ Italiano spray stain is almost opaque. It allows the wood grain to show through. Combined with a golden-brown color, the finished look is striking. In my opinion, the Italiano finish quickly emerged as the foundation for a masculine, muted and inviting decor. Its richness, depth and presence allow other wood species to be highlighted—all preserving the harmony of textures and contrasts.

Cindy Raymond, Cabico designer

The touch and feel of our striking nuances

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