Unveiling Trends from Salone Del Mobile 2024: A Glimpse into the Future of Design

Salone Del Mobile. Milano 2024 – PH. Alessandro Russotti

Our team recently had the pleasure of attending the prestigious Salone Del Mobile in Milan, a landmark event that unfolds the future of interior design. This event is a source of inspiration, highlighting emerging trends that promise to influence our field. We are happy to share these discoveries, offering a glimpse into the innovative trends that continue to shape our industry.

The color palette: back to nature

This year at Salone Del Mobile, color trends gravitated towards earthy tones and serene pastels. These natural shades, ranging from the soft greens or blues to the deep, rich browns of the earth, dominated the showcase. This return to nature not only promises a calming and energizing palette but also signifies a broader adoption of these hues in modern homes.

Earthy tones and pastel colors for a bathroom vanity
Reeded textures on a bathroom vanity.

The rise of reeded designs

A notable trend was the extensive use of reeded textures across various elements of interior design, from bathroom panels and sinks to furniture like islands and doors. The ribbed texture not only enhances visual interest but also adds a layer of sophistication. Demonstrating durability and versatility, reeded designs are becoming a staple, beautifully integrating into diverse home environments and elevating them with a distinctive aesthetic.

The Art of Superposition: Layering in Design

Superposition is redefining spatial aesthetics through the strategic layering of textures and materials. This approach was prominently displayed in the use of diverse materials for countertops and tables, creating rich, layered narratives within spaces. Such techniques not only enhance visual depth but also allow for unique personalization of interiors.

Three coffee tables in a design space.
Big and luxurious kitchen island

As our journey at Salone Del Mobile concludes, our team came back not just with observations, but with a renewed vision for the art of kitchen and bath design. These emerging trends have become a muse to our creative process at Cabico, inspiring us to forge ahead with innovation at the helm. We see endless possibilities—a canvas waiting to be transformed by the subtle artistry of our hands and vision.